T40 Beta Firmware and Upcoming Release

T40 Beta Firmware and Upcoming Release

DJI will be releasing a firmware update in late March.  Below are the included features.


1.       FIX: fix the issue that in an orchard mode, the altitude of the mission resumption waypoint is incorrect.


2.     Terrain following performance improved for rolling hills. This firmware enhances the algorithm on sensing system fusion to improve altitude hold and terrain following performance. ‘Hills’ mode is recommended for rolling hills.


3.       Bigger spray and spread route spacing for special scenarios. Spray route spacing setting is increased to 72m and spread route spacing setting is increased to 25m for insect attractant spraying, fishery feeds spreading, and other special applications.


4.       Supports disabling ‘Nozzle Atomization’ to turn off nozzle spinning during spraying operation. This feature supports water stream dripping operation in special applications.


5.       Propeller motors automatically shut down after 10 seconds idle on the ground to avoid accidents.


6.       Supports flying backward in M/M+ mode (ONLY KOREAN VERSION).